Ice Breaker


In a world full of mom and lifestyle blogs it’s a curious thing as to what would prompt someone to think about entering into the blogging world in such a niche.

Well, I’m not everyone and I see things a little differently.

My life is not perfect and heck- yours probably isn’t either. And hey- it’s OK! My name is Stacia (Stay-sha) and I have a passion for family, art, relationships, humor and all things womanly (whatever the heck that really means). Women wear a lot of pants and we all have a dozen versions of ourselves that we aspire to be. For example? I aspire to be a healthy eater, a rockstar mom, a standout employee, a smokin’ hot vixen for my husband….and those are the things that I want to be today…Thursday. Tomorrow it’ll be something totally different. We all need these perfect versions of ourselves to guide us into making the right decisions.

So what’s up with the blog? The answer is accountability for myself, support and ideas for you and a lot of humor for all of us. I’m going to screw up and I’m not afraid to let you know how triumphantly I  fail. However, I’m going to reach some milestones and challenge you to reach them alongside of me.

I’m a tad bit OCD. OK. I’m a lot bit OCD, but with dumb stuff like lists that serve no purpose besides to track lists, creating guidelines to help me to get things done (and they never get done…) and oodles of other mechanisms I’ve developed to keep me from addressing the mountains of hurdles in front of me. However, I’m going to use my OCD to serve the blog a bit. I’m going to create small challenges (like growing a blog) which you can join at your own pace and whenever you’d like. Save them, come back to them and even repeat them if you feel like you need to try again. The purpose is to start setting and achieving goals.

Besides these goals you can expect to see lots of photos and articles based around raising my daughter (expected arrival….4 days).  I’m terrified and excited to be a first time parent. How is a scatter brained woman like me going to raise a strong, independent and good hearted child? I’m looking forward to sharing my most emotionally vulnerable moments with you as I really try my best to do right by “Baby Audra”.

Lastly, expect tons of crazy articles about home life, relationships and sharing things that I think you’ll love. Believe when I say that if I’m writing it, I believe it and won’t deceive you in the slightest.

How about you get a head start and subscribe to the blog and get ready for my first posts about…LABOR, Fourth of July prepping, venting about husbands and our first shared goal together? Click subscribe so you can always find me and this quirky family again. Let’s get this growing together going!

Sending all my warmest regards and pray for me that I go into active labor tonight.



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