Flattering Swimsuits for Larger Chests

Getting into bathing suits is either a blast for some of us with bangin’ bods. There are many more of us who have a considerable amount of anxiety or irritation with bathing suit shopping. Then there is the group of women with ginormous boobs and saggage is just not a hot look.

My personal experience has been miserable with bathing suits. I’m a “well endowed” lady with Double D boobs. Yep, you probably didn’t need to know that, but when you’re large chested. Aye, mami, just flaunt it. The truth is that if you want support you’re probably going to have to invest in a great suit with underwire support.

Now, don’t mistake this soap box rant for low self confidence or complaining about what I’ve got. Honey, I’ve got flabs and rolls in places that just ain’t right, but us girls with curves know how to work those curves with spunk. However, wouldn’t it be nice to intuitively know what will work with our bodies and skip those awkward dressing room breakdowns?

I’ve composed a collection of bathing suits which would be flattering for your bust.



Yes, you can look sexy and still have support. This will likely be the style I’ll lean towards this year. I’m a fan of mesh and the sex appeal of it. Yes, this look may be a bit much for some, but the idea is to flaunt what you have and keep those ladies supported.

Here’s a fun tip to keep in mind: If you have to have full coverage you can still have fun details….in the back! You don’t need to show skin to show your cleavage.  If you’ve got boobs, they’ll see them anyways. Pull their attention to those other spaces that deserve some attention. With this bathing suit you can show off however much cleavage you’d like with the zipper, but the back of the swim suit steals the show.

I’m always going to be a sucker for the one shoulder bathing suits. Best part of this bathing suit is that it also provides belly support if you’re feeling a little uneasy about showing the whole beach that you skipped a few classes at the gym (or in my case this year with the baby on the way…all of the classes). You still look ready to be lounging with some sunglasses and a cocktail in your hand with this classic looking suit.

If you absolutely have to have you bikini, then go get it! Shop for the top like you would a bra. Don’t shop by trend as tempting as it is. Know your measurements so that you remove all doubt if it should FIT. Once you find a top that works you can match a bottom that will work with your top. Macy’s and other retailers let you search for a perfect bathing suit for your bust.

I will be sharing TONS of bathing suits through the season because I absolutely have to be outside this summer! After having this baby I’ll be hunting for something that will make me feel comfortable enough to show off the post-baby bod.

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Have an awesome Saturday!


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