Decorating the Kitchen Windowsill

Typically one would think that the kitchen windowsill is only meant to set your wedding ring on while you’re doing the dishes. Maybe you might put a birthday card from your parents up on it for a few weeks after your birthday, only to take it down and wipe away any dust that may have accumulated.

However, I’ve been spending more and more evenings standing there doing the dishes and staring at this useless space. Perhaps it’s finally time to add a little zen into my home so that washing the remnants of my husband’s pancake breakfast is a little less mindless.

How did I start? Like any Martha Stewart wannabe I hopped onto Pinterest for a few minutes. Man, some biddies have their homes spotless. I mean…these kitchen windows look magazine ready. I just want to puke. Some people are far too talented at decorating for their own good and while I LOVE fantasizing about having their kitchen they all miss that little bit of “Stacia” in it. Nothing screamed, “Oh, this is something you’d definitely find in Stacia’s home.”

Defining what decor would fit my home is like trying to describe the sound of someone’s voice. No matter how hard you try and while you might get close to describing it you’ll never know what it truly is until you experience it first hand. My home is quirky, country style, vintage, artistic and has has a lot of Lithuanian elements in it. Okay, did that narrow it down for you? Doubt it. It sounds like cluttered garbage hearing it read back to me, but simply put, if you’re in my living space you’ll just nod your head and understand it by seeing it.

If there is one thing I love the most about my home is that my husband and I are collectors of the natural world. Even better than that, we both love Baltic amber from Lithuania. We have it snuck in all over the house along with other rock/mineral samples.

I figured it’s time to start practicing putting small little decorations together to start warming up the house for our family. What do you you all think of my first attempt at home decorating?


I’ll probably sneak small mason jars up onto my window sill as all my plants start to grow. I’ll be trying to start new plants from cuttings from friends, family and…NAH…I won’t clip any plants from random strangers homes. That might be too much, right?



At least I can use the cat ring holder to hold our weddings rings while we’re doing the dishes from now on.

It’s a start and I’ll probably redo it a hundred times, but for our first attempt to decorate our kitchen windowsill- I’m very happy.

I hope you’re all having a great day today!

Warm regards,


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