The First Goal- Blogging Challenge

Dapper, stylish, and hip (1)

It’s a dream to be able to stay home with my baby and watch her grow without having to run out the door for a full time position. Even more than that, it’s a dream to be able to have a creative outlet that actually makes a difference. Dare to imagine that a large audience would find my humor and advice comforting?

However, I have no subscribers yet and while I have found benefits for myself in writing within a blog I’d love for my posts to start reaching more people.

So my first goal is to reach 100 subscribers.

I’m a rookie blogger and people with far older blogs don’t have that many subscribers yet. So how am I going to reach my goal?

Here are some mini challenges which may help me along my path. I’ll create posts as I complete the mini challenges and reveal how I feel they’ve benefited me in reaching the goal. The first set of 4 mini challenges are below.

  1. Read 3 online articles from other bloggers aimed at growing your audience.
  2. Establish myself on 2 social media sites and make it mirror the blog’s brand.
  3. Define who my audience will be and what they may be reading.
  4. Create 5 Pinterest worthy posts and share them on Pinterest.


Feel free to join along or share your experience with beginning a blog below.

Please subscribe to keep up to date on more goals that are coming (not all blog related) and other fun articles.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday!

1 day left to our due date! Fingers crossed she comes today or early tomorrow. 🙂

Warm regards,


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