Raccoon Baby Gear

Once we reached our due date and I’ve been OK calling baby Audra our little rascal. So much for the doctors claiming she’d probably be early. Thanks, kid! The good news is that I went into labor late at night on my due date and spent over 29 hours in active labor. She’s definitely a spunky little kid and has us laughing all the time. I’ve slowly but surely started collecting raccoon items for her to wear, play with and to decorate our space with.

The reason I’m decorating with raccoons is because they remind me of how fun, mischievous and downright magical my childhood was. The decor is meant to remind me of that and to try my hardest to keep her childhood feeling like….CHILDHOOD! šŸ™‚ We sometimes spend too much time trying to race our kids from milestone to milestone and we fail to let them discover playtime on their own.

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