Advice of Others- What I’ve Learned from 3 Online Blogging Articles

So yes, if you’ve ever tried looking for a blogging guide there are TONS of articles out there plugging some domain host or another. I guess I am in a mindset not to care yet who is hosting my blog as long as I can eyes on the content. Maybe as I go further into the blogging world I will suddenly realize that there are a lot of difference between hosting services, but for now…I want the meaty stuff. How do I get subscribers? How do I start earning a small income (or BIG…dare to dream?) to provide for my daughter without sweating the cost of living. How can I turn this into a full time job so I can be readily available to my family?

If you have read along, I currently have a goal for my blog to reach 100 followers. Right now I have 2. (Thanks guys! xoxo)

So in order to do that I’ve issued some “mini goals” which are aimed at breaking down that larger goal so I can more easily reach that goal. This section is about reading 3 online articles aimed at improving, growing or monetizing a blog.

The first article I read was posted on written by Emma Johnson.

Titled “Launch a blog in 1 hour, get 10,000 page views & earn $1,000/mo”

Okay okay, the title is a bit deceiving. While sure, the advice will likely help gain traffic there wasn’t a step by step to helping to get a blog set up in ONE HOUR. Nor was there a definitive map to getting 10k page views or earning $1k per month. Catchy title and it certainly made me click.

However deceptive the title was I come away from the article with 3 ideas for the blog.

1. Post regularly.

This is kind of a no brainer, but after spending a week away because of the birth of my daughter I found that my views dropped and of course…no subscribers.

2. Connect with other bloggers.

Guest post, comment on blogs and partner up for great online events. This sounds more fun than when someone first suggested it to me. Hey, I’ve got stuff to say and I think other blogs will benefit from having me swoop in for a guest post. I also think that this blog will also benefit from some outside voices from bloggers I respect and admire.

3. Affiliate through company sites or networks.

Endorsing a company is always something that I have no problem doing. Standing behind companies who provide something I believe in doesn’t seem all that difficult. However, where do I even begin with this? Thanks to this article, I’ll be digging a little deeper into how to get started.

The second article I read was a bit more practical and I feel like I got a bit more from it than the first one. Why? I found it to be more honest about what DIDN’T work for their blog. The second article is titled “How I Increase Pageviews from 0 To 170K in 9 Months” by Allan Liwanag on the Practical Saver blog.

A few ideas I pulled from this article are as follows-

  1. Stop researching and start trying.

Wow, sounds kind of like a no brainer, but how scary is it to head out into the blogging world and just guess what will make our blog successful? Sometimes we need to spend some alone time with our blog and try to see what works and doesn’t work without bombarding ourselves with tutorials and articles about how to make our blogs successful. Guess I should stop reading these articles now? 🙂

2. Write longer posts.

This makes sense to me. How annoying is it to think you’ve found an article worth reading only for it to fall short of your expectations? My brain has been fried lately since having the baby and I’ve admittedly…been lazy. It’s been easier to post short and fun posts to keep everyone entertained, but I will take more time to add some more content or item/photos in them to make them more worthwhile for my readers. GREAT advice.

For the third article I decided to see about finding something a little different. I felt that I had a good starting point to help gain views, but what about writing prompts and ideas for articles? I found a pin on Pinterest promoting an article published on titled “100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas”.

Yes, it sounds like I copped out on reading another article on building the blog, but look, I can’t build a blog without building my posts and defining my voice on the blog.

Here are a few ideas that I might try to run with in the near future.

  1. Interview someone.

I know some pretty nifty people. Some of these people are moms, others are artists and some of them have some pretty unique and unusual talents. Why am I not showing off how cool my offline network is? I already have someone pretty cool in mind and I think some of my millenial readers would love her.

2. Weekly Roundup

Wow, this is awesome and I wish I had thought of it without needing a prompt. As a blogger I also read a TON of articles from other bloggers that really inspire me or that I feel the need to share with loved ones. I’ll begin sharing my favorite articles, news stories and other weekly updates from blogs I admire. This will give you all an idea of who and what I’m interested in.

3. What I’ve Learned over X amount of years

I’ve made TONS of mistakes over the years. Many of which could have been avoided had I used some common sense, but when you’re young you don’t always see the long term consequences. I’d love to share some small tips to help my young adult readers prepare themselves for their future.

I’ll be taking the advice and suggestions offered in the articles to try and improve my blog. As stated in the original post to improve my blog I was going to reveal my subscriber count after completing each “mini goal” so that we can see how my blog is growing over time.

My current subscriber count is now at 5 as of July 2, 2017.

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

Best regards,


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