Defining my audience

Back when I started these mini goals I had no idea how much work it was going to take to reach it. My original goal was to reach 100 subscribers and right now I’m still at 5 followers (thanks guys!). I wanted to know as one of the mini goals who my audience is and what they might want to see.

Easy enough, right? I envision all of you to be first time parents, primarily female and looking for some whacky fun stuff to read while you’re chugging a giant coffee to help get you through the day.

Here’s who I think is reading and feel free to comment below to describe yourself to me. I’d love to know who you are and what your interests are!

  1. Female
  2. 20-30 years old- have been through their ups and downs, but now seeking to get a grip on their lives.
  3. Enjoys art and likely participates in creative projects of their own.
  4. Likely blogs for themselves.
  5. A parent or looking forward to parenthood.
  6. Stressed and looking for the humor in being an adult.

Well, the great news is that I share all of those qualities and I know that there are tons of people just like me out there. So with that being said, what kind of things would these type of readers be interested in reading?

Young 20-30 year olds are likely doing exactly what I’m doing, pursuing a career, a family and trying to establish themselves as an adult (budgets, family responsibilities, caring for their home, etc). Wow, that sounds like a lot and also sounds a lot like a snoozefest. What about addressing those 20-30 year olds who don’t quite fit the mold and are a bit more aloof and creative? Well that makes it more fun. How about creating some tutorials that can be used for their families, homes or desk at work? How about addressing the fact that a lot of us are beginning to get more creative and “new age” in the way we see the world spiritually? Parents are likely already inundated with “advice” and most of it unwanted in regards to taking care of their babe, but how about enjoying my stories about becoming a new parenthood? What about image spamming my sweet daughter and sharing creative adventures that we all go on? I have a fun way of looking at the world and sharing my life in a humorous way for everyone to relate to.

Well ok! That gave me some perspective about what articles I’ve written in the past that might not work so well and why others have been working well. Hopefully this will help guide me to writing posts that my subscribers will actually enjoy.

Sending lots of love!

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