Preparing Dad for the Diaper Bag


The anxiety I have right now letting baby Audra leave my eyesight is unreal. Sending her out the door with just her father gives me a huge amount of stress. Don’t get me wrong, Erik is a great hands-on dad, but his laid back attitude to taking her out in public has my stomach knotted up. Helping him put together a diaper bag has been a challenge because he doesn’t see the use in packing too much stuff.

Hey, I get it. The more I pack in our diaper bag the less prepared I feel. How can I send my two loved ones out the door without being prepared for soiled shirts, onesies, diapers and feedings? How do I prepare my husband for making quick smart decisions to put his own bag together without me doing it for him?

After a few weeks with the baby it’s better to not give him a checklist, but help enable him to think about the possible things he might need.

We’ve done a few quick outings and I’ve been very verbal about how I’m packing and to his credit- he’s very verbal right back to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything either. Is she likely going to need diaper changes? How many? What do you need to change her diaper where we’re going. Pack a few more than expected. Do we need blankets? A few toys? Will she be in the sun? Will she need to be fed while you’re out? Is she going to puke all over you and herself? Do you want to sit in a puke/poop covered shirt? Will she want to?

Hey, you know what your kid needs and you know the realistic time limit they have before they’ll need to be fed, need a diaper change or need to have a nap. Knowing your babe is the best start to packing a diaper bag. I’ve prepared my husband enough by talking him into thinking about all the possible things she’ll need. He is now checking the bag for us and so far we’ve been prepared and not carrying around useless junk that we don’t need to bring along (um, why was I packing so many blankets and extra gear?).

Look, don’t treat your significant other or the other parent like a child. Have them help prepare the bag with you a few times before sending them out on their own. However, you should give them enough credit that they’ll be able to think it through on their own especially if they know where they’re taking the babe and the things the little one might need. Remember to keep them sane without nagging them to the point of anxiety and let them enjoy taking their kid out!

Have a great day everyone!

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