Sex Appeal After Pregnancy- Health Goal

Ladies, the flub hanging off me right now since having the baby is something out of a horror movie. All of the cute “pudge” that I always had is now a deformed drooping sack of chub now. My need to feel sexy for my partner is now a total loss. Look, I know I should cut myself some slack as I just had a baby, but now I have more reasons than ever to get myself into shape.

I have a daughter who I will be chasing after soon enough. Motherhood comes with so many damn bags already…when did I become a pack mule? I’m feeling like I can’t physically keep up with her and her stuff already! It’s time to kickstart healthy choices so that I can be ready for all of the things that she will throw at me. I need some speed so that when she starts scootin’ around I will always be faster. I also need my body to be healthy so that I can live a long life to give her everything she needs from a mom throughout her life- childhood and beyond.

Instead of tracking my success by how many pounds I’ll shed, I’m going to measure my progress by what I gain.

Big Goal- Run 5 Miles Non-Stop

For anyone who knows me- this goal is huge. With bad knees and some weight on me this seems impossible. This means I’ll have to learn how to get back into exercise and start helping my body reach the goal by eating smarter. What it means in the end is that if my child decides to take off on me I’ll at least stand a chance of reeling her in as long as she doesn’t last for more than five miles. On a more selfish note- I’m competitive and I want to run my first 5k and not be terrible.

So here are some mini goals that will help get me started on my way.

  1. Buy some running shoes. (As if a shopping goal is really going to be that hard.)
  2. Be able to at least walk the 5 miles.
  3. Begin packing lunch for work 5x a week for a month.
  4. Exercise for 30 minutes a day for a full month.

The mini goals are meant to help push me closer to my big goal. Feel free to join along or share your fitness goals below.

Wish me luck!


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