When to Find Daycare- NOW.

It seems that when you’re not pregnant you hear that everybody and their mama has their own home daycare. Shockingly…when you were six months pregnant and starting to look for daycare it seems that there aren’t nearly enough spaces in any of those daycares for your impending child. Bad planning on my part is a massive understatement! If I had any idea how long the wait lists were going to be I would’ve added our names to them right when we found out that I’m pregnant.

START NOW! If you are pregnant and wondering when to start looking the answer is now. Talk to your friends who have kids that go to daycare. Get your list of favorite daycare and add your name to their wait list.

I’m not even joking with you. Back in late February when I began searching for a spot for baby Audra in a daycare the earliest estimate to get her into a daycare center in our area was for an opening in February 2018. YEAH folks, that wasn’t going to work for us. My maternity leave is only 8 weeks long and at that point she would already be 7 months old.

ADD YOUR NAME TO MULTIPLE WAIT LISTS. Better to have multiple options than only one. What happens if that ONLY daycare you added your name to closes it’s doors, comes under investigation or simply fails to get a spot for your child?

We considered opening a daycare of our own, but our house isn’t set up ideally to take care of kids. Our only bathroom is up on the second floor of our home, so we couldn’t be asking potty training kids to hold it and race upstairs. Not ideal. We would’ve only taken children of friends and people we know personally. This would have made our home feel more natural for our daughter and our friend’s kids too, because these are the kids our daughter will be around on the weekends anyways when we see our friends.

ASK YOUR FRIENDS! If your friends have kids and you plan on introducing your child to theirs try to get your baby into the same daycare. Sure, distance sometimes makes the heart grow fonder, but having a familiar face at daycare will make leaving your baby less traumatic- for you. You’ll also know that your child will very likely become more comfortable around your friend’s children. What’s better than having your child be friends with your friend’s children? Additionally, you’ll now have a few more options for daycare that you might not have known about until asking the people you already trust.


But really….don’t wait! The last thing you need as you close out your pregnancy is added stress not knowing if there is someone available to care for your new little loved one.


Sending my warm regards,





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