Happy 1 Month, Baby Audra!

Oh Goshhhhhh, why does time seem to speed up during the best times? Audra is now 1 month old. Some days drag when she’s screaming and other days fly by when we’re having fun introducing her to a world of “firsts” for her. Take for example our Fourth of July where we dipped her feet into her uncle’s pool for the first time. That day went by so fast that we barely had time to process how special it was to us.


Lazy girls watching America’s Got Talent

I want time to slow down a bit so I can actually track all of these milestones and fun memories with her. I’m seeing the world for the first time again through her eyes and it’s been a ton of fun. Slow down though, little lady!

She has slowly turned from being your typical reactive baby to our interactive little “Schemer”. Her personality is slowly coming out and she cracks us up all the time. This little girl settles down on her terms only. I’ve never been around a baby who is so laid back and alert. Since day 1 she is always trying to look around at everything. Fast forward to today- she’s happily watching Hair Goddess with me on TV while catching a few quick ZZzz’s while I type out the blog post. Later today she’s coming with me to our first girly outing to the park in the stroller (please rain, hold off!).


Oh, my little “Schemer”.

We love you, Audra! Looking forward to many more months watching you grow!



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