How I’m Growing the Blog- Updates

My original goal for the blog was to reach 100 subscribers. As of 7/13/17 my subscriber count has slowly grown to 8 subscribers. While it’s not a huge number, I’ve been more impressed with the slow increase of views I’ve been getting. The main change I’ve made is: Consistency.

My recent post about Audra now being 1 month old gained me a big boost in views and subscribers (Thanks guys! I think she’s pretty cute too!). Some of my posts are successful in gaining some of their own views, while some of them sit unread. I’m not at all discouraged by that though, I still think there is value in those articles.

I’ve been better about social media and have been better about posting on Pinterest. What I need to work on is creating Pinterest worthy graphics. I may consider taking a photography class so I can take high quality photos for the blog. I haven’t found much traffic (yet!) from Pinterest, but I haven’t put enough work into my graphics to see any boost to my blog.

The majority of my views have come from interacting and chatting with other bloggers who are posting on my subjects. It’s been nice to see other bloggers approaching subjects similar to mine, but with other great ideas. Not only have I gained some blogging friends, I’ve gained a lot of motivation to keep going.

The growth has been slow, but I’m hoping things will pick up more and more as time goes on. Any advice on the blog?

I hope you all have a great day!


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