Getting Back Into Reading As An Adult

I cannot tell you how tired I have been since bringing my newborn daughter home. What seemed like an eternity of waiting now seems like a lifetime of already being in love with her. As she now snoozes beside me with HGTV buzzing on the TV for background noise I wonder about how much electronic junk I have around her already. It seems a bit hypocritical to want to be a full time blogger while trying to keep my daughter away from too much technology, but brains don’t thrive solely on the internet. I’ve chosen to start leading by example and will start reading in the evenings. It’ll be time for me to leave my phone in another room in the evenings and will begin reading.

However, where do you even begin? At least in school you’re prompted to read literary classics which never seem to fail at entertaining you at least to some extent. My fear is that I’ll go out and buy a book and it’ll be such a flop that I’ll stop after a few chapters and never try to make the time for reading again. So how do you set out and find a book that you know for sure will hold your interest?

I did join to check it out. What I like is that you can easily rate books you’ve already read and get suggestions based off of them. What I don’t like is that the whole world can see how dorky I am based off of what I’ve read. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m a Mary Higgins Clark fan and love some of those ultra estrogen packed chick lit books. However, I also love books about spirituality and the paranormal. So am I really getting great book suggestions? Maybe, but my taste in books are so varied that it’s hard to know for sure that the website is accurately suggesting great books for me.

Instead of “wasting time” right now I picked up a book off of my own bookshelf. I’ve been given tons of books that I had every intention of reading, but never started. I’m starting with James Van Praagh’s “Talking to Heaven”. Anyone who knows me personally is very aware that I’m interested in anything spiritual, new age or natural. This book is written by a well known medium who has the capability of speaking to loved ones who have passed. The book is aimed at answering the age-old question about what comes after death.

Anyone have any great reads that they’d like to share?

Hope you’re all having a great Friday and enjoy a fantastic weekend.

Much love,


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