LFG is Now on Social Media

Let’s be honest here. What do you touch first in the morning: your toothbrush or your smartphone? Whether we’re happy with it or not we can’t seem to shake the need to be connected with our friends (even if some of those friends are those you haven’t seen since high school). We post our faces all over social media and we like to feel validated when people “like” or “share” our stuff. Why not use that some mindset to help get the blog moving a little bit?

I’ve decided to focus on setting up the blog on two social media sites first: Pinterest and Facebook. Look, I’m a Pinterest and Facebook junkie. I love to browse the trending videos, articles and photos that my friends share. Some of those articles have in-fact changed how I do things (like budgeting, cleaning and caring for my home). Using platforms that I’m already comfortable using seems like the best idea because I already know what sort of media works on those sites.

Facebook is pretty easy to set up. I really do like how Facebook walks you through the process for setting up your blog’s page. I like the idea of using is just like my personal Facebook page except with the blog’s voice. I plan on using it to keep followers updated on articles, fun happenings and stuff the followers might love!

I do need to do some research to see how other bloggers have used Facebook to interact with their followers. I haven’t touched it since setting it up a week ago, but I have lots of content to add.

Pinterest has been another story. I’ve created a number of boards and I kind of use it like a personal Pinterest account, but keeping the blog’s brand in mind. I try to repin stuff that I like and my follower count has slowly grown with work. Additionally, I’ve also added pins that link back to the blog on Pinterest. Nothing has brought traffic to the blog yet, but the pins that link back to this blog are now slowly getting likes and saves. Soon those likes/saves will result in some clicks over to this blog.

As of right now this mini goal is important and I’ve slowly seen my subscriber count go up little by little. I’m now up to 12 subscribers as of 7/18/17 (Thanks everyone!). I will continue working on both of those social media sites.

How have you guys used social media to help your blog? Comment below to share your tips with others (and me!). ❤

I hope you all are having a great day!

Warm regards,



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