Why I Opened An Etsy Store- Lilly Family Garden


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Etsy is a large online site which features many unique retailers that sell artwork, handmade crafts, vintage items and other unique items you would have a difficult time finding elsewhere. Making the decision to open a shop was a relatively easy one to make. My mom and I had a shop previously and had some small success with it. Now that I have more focus and more reasons to earn extra money I have slowly started adding items into my own shop.

I have several reasons to open a branded LFG shop on Etsy

  1. Audra

You heard me, right. While we can cover her needs with our regular income it will be nice to have side money to feed hobbies, adventures and fun for her as she gets older.

2. Feeding my hobby

I am obsessed with vintage items, creating artwork and finding beautiful natural items (geodes, crystals, driftwood, etc.)! The problem? These are expensive hobbies and I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy my hobbies than to share them. I love to decorate my home (and redecorate over and over and over) with new vintage items. My home is constantly shifting and I would love to share my unique finds with my customers so they too can continue decorating their home with trendy vintage items, artwork and fun natural curios.

3. Establishing a stronger savings

It’s no secret that we’re tight right now on money with a new baby in the house. We still have to focus on our savings and I want to make sure that we are still working towards a stronger financial future. 401k, savings account or other investments…we need some spare money to put away to make sure we are prepared for the future.



The process of listing items takes some time. I’m up to having listed 6 items (see above). I have TONS more vintage items (especially jewelry) to list along with my artwork and funky natural items. I have loved these items and am now excited to share them in my store. I believe they’re fun or trendy and will keep people checking out the shop for more fun items.

Please note- I have not had a sale yet, but I also haven’t actively promoted the store yet. I will be advertising the shop much more once my inventory selection is much stronger. However, I’m too excited about Etsy not to share it first with my readers!

So tell me, do you have lots of vintage items or artwork you’ve considered selling? How about considering opening your own shop on Etsy.com?

If you are searching for a gift or something unique, try Etsy.com first. You’ll be supporting small businesses and artists instead of the larger online retailers. Make your money more effective by shopping with a smaller retailer.

Visit my shop and then enjoy the rest of what Etsy has to offer you!

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