Blogging Challenge- MINI GOAL UPDATES

Blogging Challenge #2.png

Do I still qualify as a rookie blogger? I think so, but I’ve learned so much since starting this goal. If you’re starting a blog and looking to grow your audience from the ground up you can check out how I started here. If you’ve been following along then you may have noticed that I completed the mini goals I originally assigned myself with.

As a reminder as to what my main goal is and what the mini goals were.

MAIN GOAL- 100 Subscribers (8/7/16- We are at 16)

Mini Goals

  1. Read 3 online articles from other bloggers aimed at growing your audience.
  2. Establish myself on 2 social media sites and make it mirror the blog’s brand.
  3. Define who my audience will be and what they may be reading.
  4. Create 5 Pinterest worthy posts and share them on Pinteres



The online articles that I read WAYYYyyYY back when I began the blog were helpful, but nothing got me started quite like getting things started on my own. I knew the blog wasn’t looking professional- fixed (and still fixing) that. I knew my photos weren’t comparing to other blogs- fixed (and investing in better equipment). I learned how to network with other bloggers. I really had to start blogging and force my blog to start being successful without reading the cookie cutter articles (that all want you to join the same hosting service…). The best thing to do is to write an article and then tackle 3-4 non writing chores for the blog. If you don’t know what to do next- ask another blogger for input, but remember that you are the owner and you have the right to ignore advice if it doesn’t sit right. (Or if the advice is telling you to bust out that wallet, think long and hard before pulling that trigger!)


Social media has been a slow climb, but on Pinterest I have over 30,000 followers. I haven’t mastered how to turn those followers into active readers quite yet, but I’m hoping that strong presence will help me as I write better articles with prettier images.

Facebook has been incredible in getting me fast-paced advice for the blog. I’ve searched for several blogging help groups and the active leaders really help point me in the right direction. I still haven’t learned how to use LFG’s Facebook page to my liking yet. I’m imagining using it to share our content as well as content from blogs that I follow along with other brand-friendly content (news, humor, sales, etc.)


Defining my audience was helpful in knowing what to write and how to market to readers. To make it easier I broke down my own interests (decor, parenting, blogging, etc) to define who would be reading my content. From there I kind of created a character and imagined what her life would be like, what she’d be reading, wearing, etc. This made it easier for me to predict some things my readers might be interested in reading about.


I definitely think I spun my wheels a bit in getting the blog going. If I had to start over again I would have focused on creating Pinterest worthy photos first. I’m so impressed with how they came out. This one below is my favorite.

Dapper, stylish, and hip (3)


Not too bad, huh?! I literally just loaded them to Pinterest a few minutes ago and I’m really hoping that the pins start to circulate and bring in traffic. Remember to check out this article which shows all of the images I just created using which has been fantastic!




These mini goals were great in helping me stick my nose into the blogging world. Yes, I CAN DO IT! You can too and I’m here to help you. No joke, I’m here to be honest about my failures and to get you thinking like a blogger too. So of course, I have to ask myself- what now? I’m at 16 followers and nowhere close to my 100 subscriber goal. OK, cool, but it’s a start and I’m getting the hang of it. Let’s introduce 4 new mini goals that I know will help my blog and may very well help yours too!

  1. Learn about SEO and apply some of what I’ve learned to the blog.
  2. Invite 3 bloggers to guest post on
  3. Become a guest posted on someone else’s blog.
  4. Create a small email series which will make folks want to sign up on LFG (tutorial, recipes, etc…)

Again, if you’re just starting out feel free to head to the first post where I started out with the very basics of creating a blog. Once you’re done, come on back to this one and keep on building that blog of yours!

What do you guys think of my progress so far?



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