Guest Bloggers Wanted!


Are you a blogger looking to collaborate? Lilly Family Garden is looking for guest bloggers to add fun content! I’m looking for articles that cover anything related to moms, parenting or women. Sound broad? It is! Take a look at the bottom of this post for articles that I think would benefit LFG but I don’t have enough experience with yet!

Guest bloggers don’t necessarily need to provide their own photos unless you’re able to.

Lilly Family Garden will feature your article with your name, a prominent link to your blog on the bottom as well as being promoted on social media.

Article suggestions (but please feel free to pitch your own ideas!)-

  1. A very quick and easy makeup tutorial for new and tired moms. (BEAUTY)
  2. Create a FALL FASHION outfit capsule for moms. (FASHION)
  3. How you budgeted to become a stay at home mom. (PARENTING/FINANCE)
  4. Share a recipe you make with your children. (COOKING)
  5. A DIY Autumn project. (DIY)


Please email me at with your article pitch along with a link to your blog. Don’t stress if your blog is still small- I’m not hosting a popularity contest.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!


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